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Selling your products and services online in clear, flowing English doesn't come naturally to everyone.  Involving a professional business writer to craft your website content or marketing materials is quicker and more cost-effective than slaving away for hours yourself.

You need to make the best possible impression; your prospects are making a snap judgement about your company based on the words you use and how you present them.  As a business owner, you just don’t have the time to remove inaccuracies or jargon, or to fix page layout or keyword density problems. You need to get out there and win the work!  But if your website content is unfocused and hidden from search engines, or your expensive glossy brochure doesn’t engage the reader, you’ll have to work so much harder.

Give your company’s website and marketing materials some finesse to really make them stand out from the competition.  Having written professionally for nearly 20 years, I can bring flair and charm to your:

• direct mail campaigns

• brochures and leaflets

• flyers and postcards

• information sheets, eg technical, clinical

• client proposals

• presentations

• articles

• product award entries

• professional profiles and directory entries.

Email or ring me on 07768 772271 and let me take these jobs off your list.

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