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It’s 4.38am.  In the half-light of your bedroom, you lie awake, running through your to-do list.  You’ve got all the words to write for your new website, and that press release to send to the local paper by noon.  Not to mention the client newsletter that’s been hanging over you for the last fortnight, and the Twitter account that’s kicking its heels until you find that elusive ‘spare half an hour’ to update it.  Sound familiar?

If marketing is on your to-do list, then let Acewords work its magic.  I’m Charlotte Forder - I work with businesses like yours, and I’d like to help you, too.  Get in touch to find out how I can:

• define, understand and engage your prospects
• create must-read copy for your corporate communication, from websites to PR to social media
• help you to make more sales from your existing customer base.

My clients love what I do because I give time back by taking care of their marketing, leaving them free to do what they love.  There’s just one small thing you need to do: pick up the phone or email me whenever a marketing task creeps onto that pesky to-do list, and I’ll sort it.

As school nativity plays and Christingle services are ticked off the list, and office parties provide a little respite from the usual hurly burly, Santa's arrival is just a few days away.  With the firstborn putting in a request for an iPod, last week my thoughts suddenly turned to online security. 

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